Our services

We would like to help our customers to realise their ideas in order to receive high-quality goods at a favourable price.
We have made it our business to take over the entire production and logistics process for the customer.

Our goal...

…is to build a long-term relationship with our customers – making the delivery of their products a smooth experience – this promotes not only loyalty but also satisfaction.


It is possible for us to assist you in this area. From the product to the packaging, we are able to respond to all your wishes and design the product according to your exact ideas and then produce it.


As soon as we have designed or found a product according to your ideas, a sample is immediately made to make sure that the product corresponds to your ideas.



In order to enable a problem-free launch of your product, it is very important that all relevant guidelines are complied with and certificates are procured.


We not only monitor the production process but also inspect the finished product with the help of an external and our own inspection company to ensure that the product meets the required quality.



The goods are shipped as quickly as possible after inspection and delivered free to your door, depending on your wishes.